GenderIT.org writers are the engine and soul of the think tank – monitoring the latest trends in internet policy and culture, and deepening our feminist analysis and vision. Our writers are journalists, activists, lawyers, bloggers, and they also are illustrators, cartoonists, video-makers and filmmakers. Many come from Latin America, Africa, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Arabic-speaking countries. Some have been with Genderit.org for a long time, and others have just joined.

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Wairimu Muriithi

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Wairimũ Mũrĩithi is a feminist reader, writer, editor and curator of cool things. Her areas of research and writing include crime and criminality, queer cultural production, freedom of expression and care-work in movement building.
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Lillian Achom

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Lillian Achom believes that an ICT-empowered society is an opportunity for employment, wealth creation and therefore economic growth and better livelihoods. This is her 14th year in community outreach programs. So far, Lillian’s favorite... Read more…
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Francis Monyango

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Francis Monyango is a researcher on technology law and policy based in Nairobi. He also serves as a law and policy associate at KICTANet. His research focus is on privacy, data protection compliance, privacy by design and commercial... Read more…
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Fabiola Ingabire

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Donna Fabiola Ingabire graduated from Concordia University in Montreal, with a double major in Public Affairs and Policy Studies and Political Science. She is currently based in Johannesburg while carrying out an internship with APC, and... Read more…
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APC is both a network and an organisation. APC members are groups working in their own countries to advance the same mission as APC.
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Petula | Sik Ying Ho

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Professor Petula, Sik Ying Ho is at the forefront of gender and sexuality qualitative research and cross-cultural comparative studies. Her main contributions have been centered on identifying injustice and discrimination, whether hidden or... Read more…
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Ruhiya Seward 

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Ruhiya Seward works as a Senior Program Officer for International Development Research Centre. As a Senior Program Officer with IDRC’s Networked Economies team, Ruhiya oversees a portfolio of research on disruptive tech, from... Read more…
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La Imilla Hacker

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La Imilla Hacker forma parte de un grupo de mediactivistas bolivianas. Atraída por el punto de convergencia entre política, tecnología y género, produce el podcast "El Desarmador", un espacio para analizar nuestro relacionamiento con la... Read more…

genderit.org team

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cynthia el khoury

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cynthia is a holistic health promotor, a researcher, and a healing justice activist. she has worked in local, regional and international spaces that address the intersectionality of sexual health and mental health. cynthia is passionate... Read more…
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Débora Prado

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Débora Prado is a feminist, activist, journalist and researcher from Brazil. She has a background in media and communications as she have been working with civil society organizations, focused on women’s rights and freedom of expression... Read more…
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Karla Velasco Ramos

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Estudió Relaciones Internacionales y es coordinadora de asuntos internacionales en Redes por la Diversidad, Equidad y Sustentabilidad A.C, organización mexicana que acompaña procesos de comunicación indígena y comunitaria. También es... Read more…
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Ana Martina

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Educadora comunitaria mexicana comprometida con los medios comunitarios, instructora en software libre, trabajó en Indymedia y contribuyó al proyecto de radios comunitarias FM Prometheus en los Estados Unidos. Es miembro fundadora de la... Read more…
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Diana Carolina Escobar

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Comunicadora Social y Periodista. Coordinadora de Comunicaciones de Colnodo, integrante de la Campaña Dominemos la Tecnología en Colombia.
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Gayatri Ganju

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My work focuses on gender and the environment and i'm especially interested at the intersection at which they meet. I am currently working on a long-term project with native communities from South India, documenting how their folklore... Read more…
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Soo Ryon Yoon

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Soo Ryon Yoon’s research interests can be located at the intersection of contemporary performance, gender, racial politics and Korean cultures. She has written for Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, positions: asia critique, Performance Research... Read more…
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Sarbani Banerjee Belur

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Sarbani Banerjee Belur represents Gram Marg rural broadband initiative located in the Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. I am a Senior Research Scientist working with Gram Marg, IIT Bombay. We have... Read more…
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Kira Allmann

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Dr Kira Allmann is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Media Law and Policy at the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies in the Faculty of Law at the University of Oxford. Her research focuses on digital inequality and community-driven solutions... Read more…