GenderIT.org produces three editions annually, each devoted to a particular theme. These thematic editions allow GenderIT.org readers and writers to take a more in-depth look at particular topics, especially “hot” topics around internet and technology, where there is little or zero feminist analysis available to the public at present.

Technology for feminist creativity and care

Mon 22 Oct 2018

This bilingual edition is born of many conversations and moments at the two camps held in parallel in August this year (2018) at Dhulikhel, Nepal - the Take back the Tech! meet and the Feminist Tech Exchange.

"Self-care". Illustrations by Paru Ramesh

We can be heroes: Towards public and legal recognition of online gender-based violence

Sun 17 Jun 2018

Online violence, bullying, harassment, theft of identity, non-consensual circulation of intimate images - are now being recognised as offences in most countries, and acknowledged in public discourse as misogyny and attempts to silence women and...

The right to scream: Research on sexuality, the internet and communication

Thu 21 Dec 2017

This edition is an exploration of the multiple layers of the relationship between sexuality, rights and sexual expression and the internet, through the EROTICS research located in three countries in South Asia and the EROTICS global survey of...

Making a feminist internet: Building movements, remembering resistance, hacking security and care

Fri 10 Nov 2017

From the cataclysmic and profoundly loud speaking out that took place spontaneously across varied contexts with #metoo to understanding, owning and building feminist infrastructure, there is a lot that we can do as feminist activists. In this...

"We cannot be what we cannot see": Mapping gaps in research in gender and information society

Sun 10 Sep 2017
The articles in this bilingual edition point to how visibility of our bodies and our stories is the starting point of a different way of being. The stories we tell of struggles and perseverance, of movements and solidarity – entangled as they are in...

Gender, Labour, Technology

Thu 23 Feb 2017
This edition on gender, labour, technology examines how gendered labour is embedded in the making of digital devices in the hardware industries spread across Asia, how inequities of gender and other dynamics of caste, race, ethnicity continue to...

Economic, Social, Cultural Rights and the Internet: The Feminist Take

Tue 6 Dec 2016
Does internet technology make the realisation of economic, social, cultural rights a stronger possibility, especially for women and gender nonconforming people. This is the question that our edition on ESC rights and the internet seeks to answer....

10 years of Take Back the Tech!

Wed 16 Nov 2016
Technology facilitates violence against women, but it also facilitates information sharing, capacity building, networking and alternative media - Take back the tech! is the realisation of the idea that the internet can be used to expand the movement...

Fortitude and change in AWID Forum 2016

Wed 5 Oct 2016
In this special edition of GenderIT.org we share the experiences and reflections on the recent 13th AWID International Forum, in which a large group of women from APC Women's Rights Programme, from different countries and regions, participated...

Three key issues for a feminist internet: Access, agency and movements

Mon 23 May 2016
The Feminist Principles of the Internet arose from the first Imagine a Feminist Internet meeting in 2014 in Malaysia. The meeting brought together 52 women's rights, sexual rights and internet rights activists from six continents to discuss one...