GenderIT.org writers are the engine and soul of the think tank – monitoring the latest trends in internet policy and culture, and deepening our feminist analysis and vision. Our writers are journalists, activists, lawyers, bloggers, and they also are illustrators, cartoonists, video-makers and filmmakers. Many come from Latin America, Africa, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Arabic-speaking countries. Some have been with Genderit.org for a long time, and others have just joined.

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Bianca Baldo

11 posts
Bianca Baldo has over eight years of coordination experience in women human rights and anti human-trafficking advocacy, program management, gender protection and capacity-building training in Ecuador, Vietnam, Cambodia, Jamaica and Canada... Read more…
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Tiffany Kagure Mugo

3 posts
Tiffany Kagure Mugo is the intoxicatingly scary gatekeeper of HOLAAfrica, a Pan African queer womanist community dealing with sexuality and all things woman. She is a bad ass Board Member of FRIDA Fund as well as a writer, media... Read more…
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Florencia Goldsman

32 posts
Licenciada en comunicación de la Universidad de Buenos Aires, e integrante del grupo de investigación en Ciberculturas y Géneros Gig@ de la Universidad Federal de Bahía (Brasil). Periodista, bailarina amateur y ciclista por opción.
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Lilian Chamorro Rojas

3 posts
Lilian es colombiana, ingeniera e investigadora. Hace parte del equipo de Colnodo y es consultora en proyectos de TIC y desarrollo.
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Upasana Bhattacharjee

1 post
Upasana Bhattacharjee is a student of Development Studies at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. Her areas of interest include internet governance, the future of work, gendered labour, and political philosophy.
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475 posts
Launched in 2006, GenderIT.org is a groundbreaking resource site that provides feminist reviews and commentary on internet policy and culture. It started as a site monitoring policy developments on ICT and gender, and from its beginnings... Read more…
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Ninglun Hanghal

2 posts
Ninglun Hanghal is a freelance journalist.  She writes on women and development of/in northeast region of India.  
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La Imilla Hacker

4 posts
La Imilla Hacker forma parte de un grupo de mediactivistas bolivianas. Atraída por el punto de convergencia entre política, tecnología y género, produce el podcast "El Desarmador", un espacio para analizar nuestro relacionamiento con la... Read more…

Ida Peñaranda

1 post
Feminista. Investigadora Social. Adicta a la tecnología y bailarina de corazón.
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Doreen Raheena Sulleyman

2 posts
Doreen Raheena Sulleyman is a freelance journalist who has an interest in women’s rights and internet freedom and is based in Accra, Ghana.

Jazmin Ruiz Diaz

1 post
Jazmín Ruíz Díaz es periodista y comunicadora. Tiene un M.A en Industrias Culturales y Creativas en King’s College London.
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1 post
AmecoPress, Información para la igualdad. Premio Accésit Ministerio de Industria 2007 - Plan Avanza. Ofrece información gratuita a los medios de comunicación. 
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Joshua Muyiwa

3 posts
Joshua Muyiwa is a writer and poet. He currently writes a weekly column titled “Gazing Outwards” for the Bangalore Mirror, a city newspaper on issues of race, sexuality, police violence and change in the city of Bangalore in India.
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Sophie Maddocks

1 post
Sophie Maddocks is a teacher and researcher whose interests span digital media activism, online gender based violence, and youth media literacy.
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Angélica Contreras

19 posts
Angélica Contreras, es hidrocálida y bloguera del #BlogAngie desde hace más de 8 años, integrante de ISOC México y de Mujeres Construyendo, es Directora de Relaciones Institucionales del Observatorio de la Juventud el primer grupo especial... Read more…
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Serene Lim

4 posts
Serene is an activist, a writer, and lawyer who tries to talk, write, live, work and love the feminist way. Raised in a lovely town and now a Kuala Lumpur-dweller and a borderless digital-wanderer. Her area of interest includes technology... Read more…
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Rohini Lakshan​​é

11 posts
Rohini Lakshané is a long-time Wikimedian with an abiding interest in issues of access to knowledge. She served as the chairperson of the Gender Gap Special Interest Group at Wikimedia Chapter (India) in 2013-14. https://en.wikipedia.org/... Read more…
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Fernanda Briones

1 post
Socióloga, doctoranda en Comunicación y Política (UAM-X), consultora de Organizaciones de la Sociedad Civil que trabajan por los DDHH en México, anarcofeminista y gustosa de otras luchas libertarias. Metiche profesional, amante de lxs... Read more…