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Lucía Trias

4 posts
Lucía Trias tiene una maestría en investigación de diseño, de la fundación Bauhaus Dessau, así como una licenciatura de cuatro años en diseño industrial de la Universidad de la República de Uruguay. Actualmente reside en Berlín, donde... Read more…
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Divya Srinivasan

3 posts
Divya Srinivasan is a human rights lawyer and activist from India, with a background in research, advocacy and international law. Her work focuses on gender, free speech and digital rights.
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Nyx McLean

14 posts
Nyx McLean is a caffeine-fueled transdisciplinary researcher who writes queerly about the internet, digital communities, and social movements. They are based at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology where they lecture in Human-... Read more…
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Lia Aroeira

1 post
Lia Aroeira is a singer and researcher of voice, body, words and people. She graduated in anthropology to study music, religions, celebration, diversity and Brazilian culture. Today she works in the community network Portal sem Porteiras,... Read more…
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Selam Mussie

1 post
Selam is a media and communications consultant specializing in gender and media as well as media for social change. She has years of experience as a writer, strategist, campaigner, researcher, and trainer. In addition to this, she is also... Read more…
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Bruna Zanolli

4 posts
Comunicadora y artista visual envolucrada con tecnologias libres y derechos humanos. Piensa/actua en la criación y gestión de infraestructuras desde una perspectiva feminista. Maestria en Tecnologias de la Comunicación y Estética de la... Read more…
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Tristana producciones

4 posts
Tristana es una productora independiente que surge de la necesidad de generar contenidos sonoros con perspectiva de género. Se trata de una forma de resignificar relatos que han sido olvidados. Rescatar el lenguaje radiofónico, componer... Read more…
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Ledys Sanjuan Mejia

2 posts
Ledys Sanjuan Mejia is a colombian ecofeminist activist with more than 6 years experience in digital activism, comms and technology for social change. She is currently Comms, Advocacy and Tech manager at FRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund... Read more…
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14 posts
Nadège ha formado parte de proyectos de tecnología transfeminista como Laboratorio de Interconectividades y la cooperativa de infraestructura Kéfir. Actualmente, N. toca música, dibuja, cocina y a veces trabaja en traducción freelance.... Read more…
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Ani Phoebe Hao

3 posts
Ani Phoebe Hao is a feminist writer, editor, researcher and consultant. Her areas of research and writing include young feminist-led movements in Brazil, abortion rights and online organizing/digital activism. Her writing has appeared in... Read more…

Rosamma Thomas

1 post
Rosamma Thomas is a freelance journalist based in Pune, Maharashtra, India. She has worked with the Centre for Internet and Society, India, as part of a project studying gender, welfare, and surveillance supported by Privacy International.
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Blanca Herrmann

1 post
Blanca Herrmann Estudillo nació en México en 1995. Estudió Lengua y Literaturas Inglesas en la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). Sus áreas de interés abarcan la traducción, la literatura y el género.
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Rahul Paswan

1 post
Cis-straight/Dalit man writing and getting angry. Did his bachelors in journalism and currently swings between Bangalore, Bengal and Bihar. Been working as a freelance reporter/writer/translator for the last two years. Also... Read more…
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Laida K. Chongo

1 post
Laida K. Chongo has a degree in Mass Communications from the University of Zambia and has a passion for mentoring young women and making them realise their full potential! Writing is her favourite hobby and the reason she likes writing... Read more…
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Joshua Muyiwa

5 posts
Joshua Muyiwa is a writer and poet. He currently writes a weekly column titled “Gazing Outwards” for the Bangalore Mirror, a city newspaper on issues of race, sexuality, police violence and change in the city of Bangalore in India.
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Inés Binder

1 post
Comunicadora social. Investiga sobre feminismo, tecnologías y políticas de comunicación. Es cofundadora del Centro de Producciones Radiofónicas (CPR) y forma parte del espacio hackfeminista la bekka. Autora de Por un ciberfeminismo... Read more…
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2 posts
Fungai Machirori is a feminist researcher and writer whose areas of interest include digital and social media, and online feminist activism.
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Kathleen Foley

1 post
Kathleen Foley is a barrister and writer based in Melbourne, Australia.Photo by Arsineh Houspian.