GenderIT.org writers are the engine and soul of the think tank – monitoring the latest trends in internet policy and culture, and deepening our feminist analysis and vision. Our writers are journalists, activists, lawyers, bloggers, and they also are illustrators, cartoonists, video-makers and filmmakers. Many come from Latin America, Africa, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Arabic-speaking countries. Some have been with Genderit.org for a long time, and others have just joined.

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Firuzeh Shokooh Valle

1 post
Periodista y socióloga feminista y puertorriqueña
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Yolanda Peralta Sierra

1 post
Profesora universitaria, investigadora y comisaria de exposiciones. Doctora en Historia del arte por la Universidad de La Laguna (Tenerife, España) con la tesis doctoral Mujer y arte en Canarias: mujeres creadoras e iconografías femeninas... Read more…
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Tigist Shewarega Hussen

3 posts
Tigist Shewarega Hussen is an African feminist specializing in feminist internet studies. She is from Ethiopia and based in South Africa. Currently, she works at APC Women's Right Program (WRP) as a project coordinator and... Read more…
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Shreya Ila Anasuya

4 posts
Shreya Ila Anasuya is a writer of fiction and non-fiction, an independent journalist, and the managing editor of Skin Stories, a publication on sexuality, disability and gender housed at the non-profit Point of View Mumbai.  
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Neema Iyer

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Neema Iyer is the founder and director of Pollicy, a civic technology organization based in Kampala, Uganda. Pollicy uses data, design and technology to improve how citizens and government engage around public service delivery. She has a... Read more…
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Minoli Wijetunga

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Minoli Wijetunga is an academic, a trainer, and a researcher. Her studies focus on education and its many intersections such as gender and class. She has conducted research in diverse areas including popular culture, war-time literature,... Read more…
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Bruno Zilli

2 posts
Bruno Zilli is a Brazilian anthropologist, researcher at the Latin American Center on Sexuality and Human Rights, State University of Rio de Janeiro, and Assistant Editor to Sexualidad, Salud y Sociedad - Latin American Journal. He has a... Read more…
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Rebecca Ryakitimbo

4 posts
Rebecca is an avid writer,researcher and technologist who considers herself a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) and digital rights advocate, and data enthusiast actively involved in Internet Governance/policy... Read more…
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1 post
Etica hacker
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Sofia Scasserra

1 post
Economista, Instituto del Mundo del Trabajo "Julio Godio", Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero (UNTREF), Argentina. Asesora FAECYS, Presidencia UNI Global Union
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Marta García Terán

1 post
Comunicóloga audiovisual. Bilbaina en Nicaragua. Proactiva, prosumidora, knowmad. (Ciber)feminista. Migrante y escribiente.
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Anaiz Zamora

1 post
Mujer libre y amante de los animales, periodista por formación, convicción y emancipación. Arde porque todas las mujeres ejerzan su derecho a la comunicación e información y por vivir en una sociedad más igualitaria que no se rija por... Read more…
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Isabel Duque

1 post
Psicóloga, sexóloga, terapeuta familiar y #TodaLoca. Desde el 2005 llevo haciendo talleres de muchos temas con adolescentes y personas con coño, talleres que siempre tienen como base valores feministas.
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Laura L. Ruiz

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Mujer, vegana y de Moratalaz, España. Ah! y periodista. Escribe en @elsalto, entre otras publicaciones
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Nyamishana Prudence

1 post
Nyamishana Prudence is a Ugandan writer, she blogs at  prunyamishana.com.  She has been an author at Global Voices since 2013,  is a founding partner of Kweeta Uganda (kweeta.com) She is currently coordinating a project... Read more…
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Bianca Baldo

12 posts
Bianca Baldo has over eight years of coordination experience in women human rights and anti human-trafficking advocacy, program management, gender protection and capacity-building training in Ecuador, Vietnam, Cambodia, Jamaica and Canada... Read more…
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Mamello Sejake

1 post
Mamello Sejake is a wildflower, a Black decolonial feminist writer, a researcher and an Afro fairy. Her research interests and writing are dedicated to exploring the politics of sexualities, identity politics and the complexities... Read more…
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6 posts
Smita is a queer feminist based in Bombay, India. They hold a Master's degree in Media and Cultural Studies from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. Their areas of interest include gender, queer studies, internet, technology,... Read more…