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On the 15th of April, a war broke out between the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), exposing the civilian population to death, and displacement. This is an update on what we need to know and how limited internet access is not allowing the Sudanese people to exercise their freedom of expression. 

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Feminist talk

Since its passage, the Rural Employment Act of India guaranteed employment for millions of women in the country. But to promote digitisation in the country, the introduction of two recent changes in the Act have led to creating challenges for the workers in marking attendance and getting fair wage.

Sweta Das

Sweta Dash is based in Delhi and writes on public health, welfare mechanisms, and identification…

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Privacy in India has always been regarded as unnecessary for women and young girls - more for those from religious minority groups. But women and gender and sexual minorities have found ways to exercise their right to privacy within and outside their homes. Digital privacy is an extension of them carving their way to demand this constitutionally protected right.

Shruti Arora

Shruti Arora is a queer feminist activist from India. She researches and writes on issues of…


GenderIT is looking for writers, artists, creators and filmmakers from Middle East & North Africa (MENA) to pitch stories around the theme: Algorithmic Futures & Feminist Anxieties in MENA, for its MENA regional edition 2023. Deadline to submit pitches is May 12, 2023.


Nadine is a feminist activist from Beirut, Lebanon and is APC's EROTICS project coordinator.

Feminist talk

Google has been giving access to users' personal information to the US government under its PRISM program. Six activists in South Korea took the tech giant to court demanding they be given access to the information Google holds on them, and won.

Byoung-il Oh

Byoung-il Oh is the President of the Korean Progressive Network Jinbonet, based in the Republic…

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This policy brief explores questions related to online expression for feminist and women’s rights activists, and draws upon the emerging trends and challenges. Additionally, it provides a preliminary introduction to useful emerging language and advocacy for the CSW and beyond.


APC is both a network and an organisation. APC members are groups working in their own countries…