Here is a repository of the latest research reports, policy documents, presentations, issue papers, and other relevant publications focusing on the area of ICT and gender.

In this final report, CIS India shares the findings and recommendations of a 2-year research project studying the entry of digital platforms in the domestic and care work in India, as part of the Feminist Internet Research Network.
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Between August 2018 and October 2020, APC’s partners carried out this regional survey related to sexuality on the internet in Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. This publication is based on the country regional surveys conducted in local languages by EROTICS partners and focal points.
“A feminist internet respects life in all shapes and colours. It is not a consumer.” As part of the GISWatch 2020 report, the author brings together the background and basis for a feminist internet principle in relation to the environment.
To reclaim the emancipatory potential of social media for feminist transformation, we need urgent action along two fronts – a global normative benchmarking exercise that leads to new content moderation standards grounded in women's human rights, and techno-design alternatives for the creation of decolonized network infrastructures.
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This IDSN report is the outcome of in-depth research focused on the impact of caste-hate speech online and offline and the ways to address this. It draws upon desk research and in-depth participant interviews from Nepal, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
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The Signs in Ourselves is an illustrated publication that documents in depth lived experiences of 12 queer Muslims from Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, while also sharing snapshots of experiences from queer Muslims across the world.
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The Movement Building in the Digital Age report looks at the impact of the Feminist Internet convenings organised by APC Women’s Rights Programme (WRP), and provides an evaluation of APC WRP work on movement between 2014 and 2020. In this report, we share learnings for our network but also, and especially, for donors and funders in how we can better support the feminist internet network.
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In this submission to the UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women, APC and partners organizations identify the nexus between domestic violence and online gender-based violence in the context of COVID-19.