Here is a repository of the latest research reports, policy documents, presentations, issue papers, and other relevant publications focusing on the area of ICT and gender.

The book is an in-depth look at the issues surrounding financial mechanisms to achieve universal access. While the book does not focus on gender, specifically, it contributes to the knowledge base necessary for effective advocacy in ICT policy processes.
The document outlines concrete recommendations for actions in a myriad of areas to address problems of gender equity in ICTs, ranging from basic access issues to decision making power and presence.<br /><br /><br />
This document outlines fundamental principles that the WSIS process should embrace in its reflections on information societies.
Provides language for the draft declaration and insights for the incorporation of gender in information societies.
The NGO Gender Strategies Working Group, which includes the APC WNSP, issued this Call to Governments given their grave concerns regarding the complete lack of attention to gender issues in the WSIS declaration and process.
The document out critical ICT issues relevant to gender equality and women's empowerment in the current context of globalisation and development
The document outlines 10 fundamental principles in ICT policy in order to engender IT.
The report examines universal access issues in the Canadian context.
The working document was presented at WSIS side events in Geneva in December 2003. The analysis is based on the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which includes the promotion of gender equality and empowerment of women.