Here is a repository of the latest research reports, policy documents, presentations, issue papers, and other relevant publications focusing on the area of ICT and gender.

This document presents a list of indicators proposed to be used for monitoring and evaluation of the development of ICTs in Albania. It accompanies the National (Albania) ICT Strategy.
This Strategy document describes the general goals of the Strategy and defines a number of strategic actions that serve to achieve these general goals.
A Reference Manual for Governments and Other Stakeholders. This manual is intended to serve as an accessible reference for those effecting gender management policies in government and other services in Commonwealth countries.
Document includes summaries of key texts, case studies, tools, guidelines and key organisations in the area of Gender& ICT.<br />
Bridge Cutting Edge Pack on "Gender and ICTs" is a critique of the IT and ICT4D world through a feminist perspective.
This document outlines the recommendations to the WSIS of the Serbia and Montenegro Round Table.
This document reports on the Round Table discussions on strategies for gender inclusion in Serbia and Montenegro that was held on 17 October 2003.
The report on women in the new Information Society highlights that the public debate on the impact of the new technologies has so far ignored the gender dimension. It calls on measures intended to include women in all sectors of the new ICT, to fully involve women in planning anddecision-making on policies and management and to encounter stereotyped attitudes to ICT in education and vocational training, etc.
Website contain indicators on the subject of women and science for the 25 EU Member States.