Rainbows, Minds and #DontMancriminate

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#DontMancriminate campaign

‘I don’t have to hold open doors’: Internet mocks bizarre #DontMancriminate campaign which argues it’s MEN not women who are victims of discrimination. More >

Source: Daily Mail, Martha Cliff

25 awesome and elaborate ways tech companies showed support at San Francisco’s Pride Parade

San Francisco pride lasted up to six hours. Companies such as Apple and Google sponsored or walked in the parade. More >

Source: Business Insider, Biz Carson

This social network you’ve never heard of has nearly 1 million users, its CEO says

Have you heard of Minds? A new social network that uses a points-based system to encourage people to interact with content. More >

Source: Huffington Post, Alexander Howard

Were all those rainbow profile photos another Facebook study?

“Facebook, you may have noticed, turned into a rainbow-drenched spectacle following the Supreme Court’s decision on Friday that same-sex marriage is a Constitutional right.” More >

Source: The Atlantic, J Nathan Matias

A love letter to queer family in the wake of marriage equality

“I will not privatize my love. I want community as unruly as we are. I want family as big and as queer as our dreams.” More >

Source: Feministing, Reina Gattuso

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