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Zara Rahman

Zara is a researcher, writer and linguist who is interested in the intersection of power, culture and technology. She has worked in over twenty-five countries in the field of information accessibility and data use among civil society. She was the first employee at OpenOil, looking into open data in the extractive industries, then worked for Open Knowledge, working with School of Data on data literacy for journalists and civil society. She now leads Research at The Engine Room, a non-profit organisation working to support those working in social
change to use data and technology more effectively. She is a Fellow at Data & Society, where she looks at the role of people who bridge gaps between activists and technologists and facilitate more responsible and
effective use of data and technology in activism. She is also a regular contributor to Global Voices, where she focuses on digital policy and digital rights in Bangladesh.

Feminist talk

Feminist Tech Tools

Posted Wed 31 Aug 2016 - 06:39 | 15,048 views

A feminist internet can mean many things, it means that everyone has affordable, unconditional, open, meaningful and equal access to the internet; it means acknowledging that attacks, threats, intimidation, and policing experienced by women and queers is real, harmful, and alarming; it means that the right to free expression for women and queers; and it includes principles on access, movements...