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Launched in 2006, is a groundbreaking resource site that provides feminist reviews and commentary on internet policy and culture. It started as a site monitoring policy developments on ICT and gender, and from its beginnings has been unique. Initially it was one of the first sites looking at ICT policy through a gender lens. Many years later, remains a unique space for its focus on the global South, its focus on those working at the grassroots level (grounded in the experience of the women in the society in which they live), and its emphasis on both advocacy and social justice.

Bosnia y Herzegovina: Explorando la violencia contra las mujeres relacionada con la tecnología

Posted Tue 21 Jul 2015 - 14:05 | 3,940 views
¡Volvimos! (luego de un pequeño receso) con la tercera en una serie de siete mini ediciones destacando el proyecto “Basta de violencia: derechos de las mujeres y seguridad en línea”. Cada edición se concentra en un país en el que se desarrolló la investigación, y en esta ocasión nos enfocamos en Bosnia y Herzegovina. Esta investigación revela que la policía tiene una actitud despectiva hacia la...

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Exploring technology-related violence against women

Posted Tue 21 Jul 2015 - 14:04 | 5,862 views
We’re back (after a little break) with the third in a series of seven mini-editions highlighting the project “End violence: Women’s rights and safety online”. Each edition focuses on one country in which the research was conducted, and this time we’re focusing on Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH). Research here finds that the police are dismissive of violence against women (VAW), legal provisions for...

Feminist talk

Imagine a Feminist Internet: The conversation is on!

Posted Fri 17 Jul 2015 - 16:46 | 3,961 views
This year, a group of 45 activists, researchers, academics and techies are meeting again in Malaysia to deepen the discussion around feminism and technology. They will be tweeting on #imagineafeministinternet and we invite you to participate in the conversation by engaging with the hashtag and following @takebackthetech.

Pulling apart the patriarchy: Edition in commemoration of Heike Jensen

Posted Wed 17 Jun 2015 - 17:49 | 6,577 views
News of Heike Jensen’s death from cancer, on 3 February 2014, reached internet governance academic and civil society networks a year later. As Marianne Franklin, friend and colleague from GigaNet, puts it: “The networks and the hands-on work in which Heike engaged are cross-border, cross-sector and interdisciplinary by nature and predilection. This is why news of her death has been a ripple of...

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Una conversación con el equipo de mujeres detrás del sitio con "espíritu de dragón"

Posted Mon 8 Jun 2015 - 14:00 | 2,453 views tiene un nuevo y vibrante rostro y las personas responsables de esta renovación son las mujeres que integran nuestro equipo de desarrollo web: la diseñadora visual Ezrena Marwan, y las desarrolladoras Liz Probert, Sam Marx y Sarah Escandor Tomas. Todas ellas son activistas profundamente comprometidas con el desarrollo de tecnología que satisfaga las necesidades de las mujeres. Conoce...

Philippines: Exploring technology-related violence against women and children

Posted Mon 8 Jun 2015 - 12:47 | 6,241 views
We’re back! – with the second in a series of seven mini-editions highlighting APC’s project “End violence: Women’s rights and safety online”. Each edition focuses on one country where we carried out the research, and this time round, we’ll look at the Philippines. Bringing together articles, key findings and an interview with the research team, this edition looks at cases ranging from celebrity...

Feminist talk

A conversation with the team of women behind the “dragon animal spirit” website

Posted Wed 3 Jun 2015 - 13:42 | 6,255 views has a vibrant new face, and the people responsible for this renovated look and feel are the women who make up our website development team: visual designer Ezrena Marwan, and developers Liz Probert, Sam Marx and Sarah Escandor Tomas. All of them are women's rights activists deeply committed to developing technology to meet women’s needs. Learn more about them through this...

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Controles culturales y desigualdad de género: una conversación sobre violencia contra las mujeres relacionada con la tecnología en Paquistán

Posted Fri 29 May 2015 - 13:14 | 2,590 views
Paquistán fue uno de los siete países cubiertos por el proyecto de investigación de APC “Basta de violencia: derechos de las mujeres y seguridad en línea”. La investigación en Paquistán se realizó en asociación con Bytes for All, una organización de derechos humanos que se dedica a las TIC. El informe utiliza tres estudios de caso en profundidad para evaluar instrumentos legales, políticas...

In depth

Of cultural controls and gender inequality: Talking about technology-related violence against women in Pakistan

Posted Fri 29 May 2015 - 13:14 | 3,872 views
Pakistan was one of seven countries covered by APC’s research project “End violence: Women's rights and safety online”. The research in Pakistan was done in association with Bytes for All, a human rights organisation that focuses on ICTs. Here, speaks to the manager of advocacy and outreach at Bytes for All, Furhan Hussain, to bring us a closer look into the research findings.


How doing the research became a game-changer for me

Posted Mon 12 Jan 2015 - 03:30 | 6,329 views
It is an honour for me to introduce this edition of This particular issue brings together articles on some of the most important aspects of technology-driven violence against women, hitherto not well understood by the general public, governments or institutions. Much of the material in this issue draws on extensive research conducted by the Association for Progressive Communications...