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Etenat Awol

Etenat is a writer from Ethiopia with a professional background in academics, media and content marketing. She started her professional journey at Woldia University, where she taught journalism and Communication for a year.

Before embarking on a new path, she had to take a leap of faith to the unknown where she practiced on the intersection of communication, digital marketing, branding and business development. Currently she works in a consulting firm that specializes in research, strategy design, program implementation and monitoring for inclusive and sustainable development as a project manager.

Despite her considerable attune in various genera’s, Etenat considers poetry as her primary medium. Switching between Amharic and English, her poetry explores a span of themes like meaning, God, time, love and simple ungraspable experiences. She claims poetry to be a way of sorting things out a little differently. Somehow a process of remembering the past and discovering the present in quiet random details. Along with the subjective human experience, her poetry emphasizes wonder in objective non-human experience.

Etenat made her publishing debut by contributing to the Amharic Anthology Of short stories, Guramayle:

Feminist talk

Of The Things War Did To Us

Posted Tue 17 Jan 2023 - 12:40 | 1,525 views

What is belonging? What is its role in our lives - if any? Are we free to belong, freed by belonging or bound by it? In this piece, Etenat pulls the curtains allowing us a little peek into her exploration of these questions through her experience of a war ravaging all she knew -or thought she knew - of land, love and liberation. Her articulation of the sentences exacted upon her (and many...