Women and Media: International Perspectives

Women and Media: International Perspectives brings together eight international scholars to explore key issues of the gender-media relation. It provides important insights into how gender is implicated in media industries and addresses key issues of the gender-media relation, from an analysis of news media's coverage of women politicians, to the marketing of 'girl power', to strategizing for equality in newsrooms. It also highlights the theme that media have the potential both to reinforce the status
quo in power arrangements in society but also to contribute to new, more egalitarian ones.
The introduction by the editors carefully maps the contours of the international struggle between feminists and the media, section overviews, bibliographies, key terms, and discussion questions.
Women and Media is comprised of original research from diverse genres and media:

Part I: Representing And Consuming Women:

Sexual Violence in the Media: Representation, Interaction and Discourse: Jenny Kitzinger (Cardiff University)

Exclusion and Marginality: Portrayals of Women in Israeli Media: Dafna Lemish (Tel Aviv University)

Women Framed: the Gendered Turn in Mediated Politics: Karen Ross (Coventry University)

Producing and Consuming 'Woman': Ellen Riordan (Gustavus Adolphus College, Minnesota)

Part II Women's Agency In Media Production:

Feminist Interventions in Newsrooms: Carolyn M Byerly (University of Maryland)

Working, Watching and Waiting: Women and Issues of Access, Employment
and Decision-Making in the Media in India: Ammu Joseph (Journalist,

Dangerously Feminine?: Theory and Praxis of Women's
Alternative Radio: Then and Now: Caroline Mitchell (University of

Cyberspace: The New Feminist Frontier?: Gillian Youngs (University of Leicester)

Publication date: 
Friday, October 6, 2006
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