CyberStalked: Our Story

The story of Cynthia Armistead, the founder of the site Cyberstalked ( ). The site originally began as a place to refute the defamation spread about Cynthia and her family across the internet. In this story, Cynthia shares her and her daughter experiences of being target of online harassment and stalking over period of several years.
“The emotional and psychological effects have been extremely negative for both of us, and I fear that this nightmare may scar us permanently in many ways. Moving repeatedly and taking other measure to ensure our physical safety has, of course, cost money--and we are by no means wealthy people. An incredible amount of time has been involved in moving, in attempting to find and remove the libellous materials this man has spread across the internet, and in responding to the innocent parties taken in by his lies. “
Publication date: 
Tuesday, July 22, 2008

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