The process of developing the Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) National ICT Policy was borne out of a partnership between the BiH government and
UNDP. In a memorandum of agreement signed in May 2003, they agreed on a joint development of the National ICT Strategy. The objectives of the
said partnership are as follows:

Transparency at all levels and openness in discussion,
Round table workshops to facilitate discussion,
Provide time and place to design comprehensive ICT Forum Studies,
Information access and sharing information among different participants
The comprehensive review of the mandate, terms of reference,
structure, reporting lines, internal procedures, personnel and
administration policies and practices, other ICT related policies of
the administration with the special emphasis on gender development
Opportunities provided for presenting ideas, arguments and positions
in different sectors (ecology, economy, legislation, health, etc.

This blog is an initiative by Oneworld - Platform for Southeast Europe, which publishes news and resources related to national ICT policies in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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