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Podcast: Making a Feminist Internet 2022

Posted Fri 7 Jul 2023 - 02:38 | 554 views

MFIs are a series of face-to-face and online gatherings where activists working at different intersecting issues come together to strategise and activate how we MAKE this feminist internet. In this two-part podcast series, activists at the MFI2022 Convening share their experiences and thoughts on how they imagine a feminist internet.

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Five tips for a successful edit-a-thon on gender

Posted Thu 20 Dec 2018 - 03:50 | 6,412 views

Do you want to organise an edit-a-thon around gender, women in STEM, movements and feminist histories of organising or anything else? Here are a list of (5 and more) things to watch out for - including the safety of your participants and how to navigate the tricky but sometimes essential rules of editing content on Wikipedia. 


Gendersec Curricula: Training Curriculum from Gender and Technology Institute

Posted Tue 20 Nov 2018 - 09:57 | 4,594 views

The Gendersec Curricula is a resource that introduces a holistic, feminist perspective to privacy and digital security trainings, informed by years of working with women and trans activists around the world.

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Why did Google think two Zimbabwean women writers were the same person?

Posted Fri 15 Sep 2023 - 03:59 | 125 views

Algorithm bias manifests itself in unique ways every single day, affecting people of colour. Fungai Machirori explores how big tech corporations misidentify renowned Black women - error that continues to exist despite various alarms around the said bias.

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Through the Memory Lane: Internet’s Various Stages And How It Enabled Women’s Participation

Posted Mon 3 Jul 2023 - 08:53 | 229 views

Since its advent, the internet has taken various forms and has gone through different phases to become what it is today. The evolution of the internet has not yet stopped, with new technology rapidly advancing. However, women's contribution and the kind of access they have is often overlooked in this conversation. This article explores how women have participated in making the internet and…

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Feminist Principles of the Internet: Advocacy Brief on Violence

Posted Mon 9 Jan 2023 - 07:27 | 134 views

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Feminist Principles of the Internet: Advocacy Brief on Information

Posted Mon 9 Jan 2023 - 07:27 | 41 views

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Feminist Principles of the Internet: Advocacy Brief on Privacy

Posted Mon 9 Jan 2023 - 07:25 | 29 views

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Feminist Principles of the Internet: Advocacy brief on Access

Posted Mon 9 Jan 2023 - 07:21 | 107 views


Towards trans prosperity

Posted Mon 5 Dec 2022 - 01:40 | 583 views

This edition encompasses the fused multiverses coexisting among trans populations, across the Latin American Global South, also known by the Kuna peoples as Abya Yala. From visual arts to political science, this writing collection maps and highlights best practices engaging with technology as a tool for political emancipation, autonomy and self-determination.