With our work on Gendering Surveillance, the Internet Democracy Project hopes to make more concrete the multifaceted ways in which widespread surveillance shapes, and harms, our lives.

At the time of writing this, we start with presenting you with three case studies on this site, examining the intersection of gender and surveillance in a variety of situations. Over time, we hope to further add to these. In addition, we share in a fourth piece some of the theory that has guided our explorations – this provides the broader framework that ties all work on this site together.

In this introduction, I explain in some more detail why we decided to look at surveillance from a gender perspective. Why gendering surveillance?

Gendering Surveillance: An Introduction
Dr. Anja Kovacs

Case Studies:
‘Chupke, Chupke’: Going Behind the Mobile Phone Bans in North India
Dr. Anja Kovacs

A Handy Guide to Decide How Safe That Safety App Will Really Keep You
Nayantara Ranganathan

Caution! Women at Work: Surveillance in Garments Factories
Nayantara Ranganathan

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