Katerina F. picks from the most interesting conversations on Twitter concerning women & rights & technology during the first day of the 55th session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), taking place in New York. You can follow our tweets on section J of the Beijing Platform for Action and women's communication rights under the hashtags: #csw #genderit (or #genderitES for Spanish).

#CSW55 theme:Science & technology

@jhybe: Weird that science & tech is only talked about from perspective of employment and education. Dilutes all 3 #csw #genderit

@jhybe: What is UN Women's approach to internet rights? Can we look at access to science & tech beyond literacy & economic terms? #csw #genderit

@jhybe Women arr underrepresented in science & tech. Why? #csw #genderit

"Women can use the comp now like they use the sewing machine" #csw #genderitless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

#Women access & use of ICTs

@jhybe "Women can use the comp now like they use the sewing machine" #csw #genderit

@avilarenata Writing about the 2011 revolutions and #genderit - #Yemen is still fighting - not even that - women illiteracy. Computers are far away. Sad

@meowtree: Girls in rural Cameroon talk about ICTs http://ht.ly/41rxY #CSW55 #ICT4D

@shesthefirst: A girl in Cameroon finds mobile phones as an important way to get job opportunities. #csw55

@meowtree: Girls are asking gels how ICT impacts on their lives. Ika/Indonesia: helps me stay informed, likes FB, shares photos. #csw

@meowtree: other girls mentioning privacy issues & cyberbullying can be negative aspects of ICTs #cSW55 #genderit

@shesthefirst: "We can use tech to educate a girl. And when you educate a girl, you empower her." Ya Marie, Sierra Leone #csw

@meowtree: Q: legit to talk about ICT if don't have primary needs met? @Fabiola:we can use ICT to advocate to solve those issues #csw

@honnaeichler: Now from the US delegate: women need mobile technology for health, banking, security and social advocacy.

It is interesting how much more access to technology that girls from the US have compared to other areas of the world #csw55 @bcimagirlless than a minute ago via web

#STEM - science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

@jhybe buzz word at 55th #csw - STEM skills: Science, tech, economics & mathematics. Makes me think of stem cell research. Hmm. #genderit

@jhybe Deanna: need to think of ways to get more women & grrls into STEM fields to reach the tipping point #csw #genderit

@jhybe Until there is a cultural change in STEM, there wont be a change in numbers of women to reach tipping point. #csw #genderit

@jhybe Cultural change: not just med & sciences but all fields. There needs to have enough women arnd them at the top to act like a woman #csw #genderit

@jhybe Deanna: 70s there were pamphlets asking for more women in medicine & law. Today, a lot more women but x in decision making

@jhybe Unless we have people at the board table, change in culture wont happen #csw #genderit

# Women @ work

@jhybe Biggest barrier to women's full participation in work: education, lack of childcare, cultural stereotypes, poverty (cont) #csw #genderit

@jhybe Women @ work, barriers: lack of policy to employ women at high level, lack of support for women (knowledge & capital) #csw #genderit

Is it ever possible to talk abt women & work without considering child care? Conflicting. #csw #genderitless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

#Challenges to women in technology

@jhybe Why the drop out? Women are expected to play double role at home. #csw #genderit

@jhybe In US half of all technical women will drop out by time they reach midlevel. In india & china, drop out higher rate. #csw #genderit

@jhybe Need to work w industry & academics to change culture of tech. All quotes from deanna kosaraju of grace hopper fdntn #csw #genderit

@jhybe Challenges to women in tech: tech is nerdy. STEM fields x encouraged for girls. #csw #genderit

#Private sector

Good question: what's the role of pte sector to integrate gender equality principles in its organising & work? #csw #genderitless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

@jhybe Check out women's empowerment principles as viable platform to engage with private sector on gender equality & nondiscrimination issues #csw #genderit

@jhybe Women's empowerment principles: 1) establish high-level corporate leadership for gender equality #csw #genderit

@jhybe Women's empowerment principles: 2) treat all women & men fairly @ work - respect & support human rights & nondiscrimination #csw #genderit

@jhybe Women's empowerment principles: 3) Ensure health, safety & well being of all women & men workers #csw #genderit

@jhybe Women's Empowerment Principles - something that was developed with private sector & endorsed. http://bit.ly/fG42QW #csw #genderit

#Women who tech

@jhybe Helen greiner co founder of irobot-robots that diffuse bombs. Women in tech :) #csw #genderit

@jhybe How can we collaborate & use tech for social good? Starting point for grace hopper conferance. #csw #genderit

@jhybe Many methods we learn in comp science is due to grace hopper. Google david letterman interview with her. Apparently it rox! #csw #genderit

@jhybe Grace hopper celebration-collaborative! No one in cubicles. Grace hopper coined the term computer science. Women in tech #csw #genderit

#Women in media

@jhybe Disney: there are women in media, but not enough in decision making or empowered enough to push boundaries #csw #genderit

@jhybe Disney: Women r right in the middle of war but we write them out of these landscapes & history #csw #genderit

How do we ensure that women do not disappear from the history of the revolutions that are being written? #csw #genderitless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone


@jhybe Getting decent access to internet connection so far at #csw has been a huge pain so far. Cant tweet fr laptop now #genderit #csw

@jhybe Sitting at #csw main session but there's no open wifi. Have to use internet tethering on my phone. Theme: science & tech. Ironic?

@aelizabethclark Kinda weird to be talking about equal rights and feminist progress at the salvation army. #ironic #CSW

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