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Online pressures make kids deeply unhappy: Effects of social media on children

Is social media the reason for your kids unhappiness? “Of the total number of counseling sessions ChildLine conducted from 2014 to 2015, 35,244 of them involved children experiencing pressures from social media and cyber-bullying, worries that were considered to be non-existent among young people 30 years ago.” More >

Source: TechTimes, Ted Ranosa

Former policeman charged with accessing Facebook account by deception

“A former Wellington police officer has appeared in court, accused of illegally accessing a Facebook account that did not belong to him. Legal experts say the prosecution is unusual, with one pointing out that police access people’s Facebook accounts “all the time”, through technology used to fight cyber crime.” More >

Source:, Jessy Edwards and Matt Stewart

Slaying the unicorn

“Two South African women have swept up awards in two international technology competitions.” Indicators of progress for gender in tech? More >

Source: Brainstorm, Tamsin Oxford

Everyone has the same personality online

Do we all sound exactly the same, noticing how how the same jokes, phrases and hashtags keep cropping up again and again on social media? “Of course, we’re not all mindless drones yet, and there are inevitably some differences in what we choose to share on social media.” More >

Source: Quartz, Olivia Goldhill

6 reasons your discomfort with they/them pronouns reveals unchecked cis privilege

True or not? You’re secure in your gender because the people around you constantly validate and affirm it. That’s why you never have to think about what pronouns you use. It seems obvious to you.” More >

Source: Everyday Feminism, Ashley Truong

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