[COLUMN] Sanitary Panels on Mansplaining (comic)


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Sanitary Panels is ironic yet hard hitting. Here social commentary masquerades as a web comic and makes us rethink many of our assumptions. This comic explores aspects of gender and technology including discrimination faced by women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) education and careers.

Image description: Comic using stick figures

First panel: A woman speaking from a podium, banner on top says Conference. She is saying: And that concludes my presentation on the future of nanotechnology.
Second panel: A man approaches the woman and says: That was an interesting presentation. I haven't studied or worked in this field but I once read an article on it, so let me explain a thing or two to you about nanotechnology.
Third panel: Man talking, woman standing.
Fourth panel: Man talking, woman slowly moving away from him.
Fifth panel: Man talking, woman slowly moving away from him.
Sixth panel: Man talking emphatically.