Las colaboradoras de son la fuente de información y conocimientos que monitorean las últimas tendencias en materia de políticas y culturas en internet, profundizando el análisis y la visión feministas. Nuestras colaboradoras son periodistas, activistas, abogadas, blogueras, hackers y también ilustradoras, realizadoras de videos y films, y creadoras de cómics. Provienen principalmente del Sur global.

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Florencia Goldsman

38 posts
Licenciada en comunicación de la Universidad de Buenos Aires, e integrante del grupo de investigación en Ciberculturas y Géneros Gig@ de la Universidad Federal de Bahía (Brasil). Periodista, bailarina amateur y ciclista por opción.
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3 posts
Fungai Machirori is a feminist researcher and writer whose areas of interest include digital and social media, and online feminist activism.
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Dhyta Caturani

7 posts
Dhyta Caturani is a long-time human rights and women's rights activist in Indonesia. She currently works as a project coordinator at EngageMedia, a non profit organization that uses the power of technology to create social and... Read more…
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7 posts
Smita is a queer feminist based in Bombay, India. They hold a Master's degree in Media and Cultural Studies from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. Their areas of interest include gender, queer studies, internet, technology,... Read more…
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Sara Pathirana

2 posts
Sara has been engaged in the media sector for over ten years. She first stepped foot into the field of journalism, beginning with the Business Desk of the Ceylon Daily News, Lake House in late 2012. After working there for two and a half... Read more…

Foundation for Media Alternatives

1 post
The Foundation for Media Alternatives (FMA) is a non-government organization based in the Philippines, formed in 1986. FMA seeks to enhance the popularisation and social marketing of development-oriented issues and campaigns through media-... Read more…
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Efi Sri Handayani

1 post
Efi Sri Handayani is young women activist based on Jakarta. She is part of PurpleCode Collective, a collective who focus on feminism and technology. She’s interested in film archives and has been worked as film preservationist for some... Read more…
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Raiz Rizqy

1 post
Raiz Rizqy, National Coordinator of Transmen Indonesia (TI). He loves riding, playing and taking care of animal and human babies
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Serene Lim

6 posts
Serene is an activist, a writer, and lawyer who tries to talk, write, live, work and love the feminist way. Raised in a lovely town and now a Kuala Lumpur-dweller and a borderless digital-wanderer. Her area of interest includes technology... Read more…
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Mariana Fossatti

15 posts
Bilingual Spanish-English editor and content production coordinator for Part of the APC Women Rights Programme’s Feminist Internet Research Network project, responsible for facilitating knowledge exchanges with feminist... Read more…
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Adriana Labardini Inzunza

1 post
Adriana Labardini Inzunza is an independent public interest lawyer specialized in ICT regulation, public policy and competition issues. She collaborates with Rhizomatica promoting and advocating for sustainable, self-managed community... Read more…
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Marcela Guerra

5 posts
Marcela Guerra is a mother and craftswoman with a focus on technological appropriation and object-making. Realizing the necessity of alternative forms to access and produce information in the rural community where she lives, she let set... Read more…
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Upasana Bhattacharjee

2 posts
Upasana is an interdisciplinary researcher working at the intersection of cyberculture and digital labour. She is currently a Junior Fellow at FemLab where she works on the platformisation of crafts and artisanal work in South Asia. She... Read more…
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Miami Chirilele

1 post
Miami Chirilele is a final-year student studying for a bachelor’s degree in business studies and computer science. During her internship year she worked under the mentorship of the founder of the Zimbabwe Community Network Initiatives (... Read more…
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Sarbani Banerjee Belur

2 posts
Dr. Sarbani Banerjee Belur, is currently the Asia Regional Coordinator for Association for Progressive Communications (APC) for the Community Networks Connecting the Unconnected project. She is also the senior research scientist hosted by... Read more…
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Kira Allmann

2 posts
Kira Allmann is a public engagement researcher at the Ada Lovelace Institute (London, UK), where her community work focuses on digital and health inequalities. Prior to this, she was a postdoctoral research fellow in the Centre for Socio-... Read more…
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Laida K. Chongo

2 posts
Laida K. Chongo has a degree in Mass Communications from the University of Zambia and has a passion for mentoring young women and making them realise their full potential! Writing is her favourite hobby and the reason she likes writing... Read more…
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Mythri Prabhakara

2 posts
Mythri Prabhakara is a human rights lawyer by training. Along with legal research, her interests lie in writing speculative fiction and performing street theatre. Her art is often collaborative and community-engaged.