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Theorose Dzineku

Theorose is a Ghanaian journalist, Internet governance advocate, and an avid writer. She’s currently pursuing her Masters in journalism at the Ghana Institute of Journalism, Accra, Ghana.

Feminist talk

Making our presence felt: women's involvement in online content creation in Ghana

Posted Jue 25 Abr 2019 - 12:23 | 4,103 views

In this exploration of the questions of access and economy for women in Ghana, the author takes a closer look at the digital gender-gap. When women don't have equal access to the internet then what are the economic implications?

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Feminist talk

What can Ghana do about the harassment faced by women online

Posted Mar 6 Nov 2018 - 15:53 | 10,542 views

Women in Ghana, ordinary women and celebrities, have dealt with harassment and violence online, but there is minimal effort by the government currently to effectively address this problem. The suggestion seems to be that self-censorship should solve such problems faced by women.

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