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Aniqa Haider

Aniqa Haider is a visual artist from Pakistan with eight years of experience in her respective field. She has a vast portfolio encompassing visual content for digital rights campaigns, conceptual illustration for children, and developing visual identity for women-led startups. Aniqa is currently working as a Design Lead for Media Matters for Democracy. She also works as a consultant with clients from different regions of the world providing them with creative assistance. Aniqa’s passion to share her knowledge drives her to mentor young creatives to guide and assist them to pursue visual arts.

Feminist talk

Patriarchal Control As Hindrance To Digital Access for Women in Pakistan

Posted Lun 12 Dic 2022 - 09:47 | 938 views

Patriarchal restrictions on internet access lead to impacts that affect all aspects of women's lives in Pakistan. This familial control is not only detrimental to their economic and educational growth, but also is a threat to their safety and health. In this series of illustrations, Aniqa Haider sheds light on the impact of gender digital divide in Pakistan.