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Amrita Vasudevan

Amrita is a research associate at IT for Change. She is engaged in policy research on Internet-related public policy issues and inclusive e-governance. She is currently handling a regional research study on evaluating the effectiveness of existing legal-institutional response mechanisms to technology-mediated Violence Against Women in South Asia, focusing on two country-contexts: India and Bangladesh.

Feminist talk

Beyond Deterrence: Understanding the Chilling Effects of Technology-Facilitated Gender Based Violence

Posted Jue 23 Mar 2023 - 10:09 | 1,329 views

Technology-facilitated gender based violence has a direct impact on women and gender diverse folks' ability to navigate digital spaces freely. It not only hinders their experience of being connected, but also forces them to self-censor as well as employ patriarchal characteristics of a 'good girl' in attempts to stay safe from violence that comes with speaking up. Amrita Vasudevan discusses....

In depth

Hidden figures - A look at technology-mediated violence against women in India

Posted Lun 11 Jun 2018 - 06:27 | 11,574 views

IT for Change held a consultation in 2017 on the various forms of gender based cyber violence that affects women in India. Here various researchers and speakers gathered to share their data, insight and questions on the kinds of online violence faced by women in different professions, strata and social locations - from vernacular journalists to students in colleges, rural and urban women. This...