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*Gender Peripheries of Internet Governance Forum, Athens*

APC WNSP - GenderIT.org, 30 October 2006 - 2 November 2006

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GenderIT.org team is covering the first meeting of the Internet

Governance Forum (IGF) in Athens, stated by the UN and many ICT policy

advocates as “one of the most significant outcomes of the World Summit

on Information Society”.

From October 30 to November 2, GenderIT.org team monitors and provides

daily blogging coverage on activities of gender advocates and women's

concerns on the agenda's key issues:

* openness (freedom of expression, free flow of information, ideas and


* diversity (multilingualism, local content);

* access (internet connectivity: policy and cost);

* security (surveillance, privacy,'cybercrime').

Aside the above listed key themes on the agenda, the representation of

women remains in the center of our coverage.




**Blogging in Spanish is also available on:


*2 November: Silence on the Platform - Question on gender dimension of

internet governance, answered with total silence*


GenderIt blogging team member Mavic Cabrera-Balleza raised a question on

the gender dimension of internet governance during one of the main

plenaries in the ongoing Internet Governance Forum. The answer she got

was very telling: total silence!

*1st November 2006, Privacy and Data Retention Related Concerns at IGF*


Privacy and data retention are a concern not only for Europe and

America, but also in Asia.

*1 November: Gender advocates called for set-up Gender in WSIS

Implementation Network*


APC WNSP called a meeting of gender advocates who are present at the IGF

here in Athens. There were 8 of us who met today and discussed follow up

steps for the post-WSIS journey.

*31 October: Covering the Openness @ IGF*


A long table with panelists, a long but very good session, taste of

diversity of opinions and standpoints, that is the very shortest i can

say about Openness session which took place in main Hall, from 10 util

13, on Tuesday, 31st of October.

*31 October: Good or bad? Harmful or not? Legal or illegal? – the

challenge of regulating internet content*


Who defines what is harmful and illegal internet content? How do we

regulate online content? Participants in the panel discussion “Content

regulations from gender and development perspective” organized by the

Association for Progressive Communications - Women's Networking Support

Programme (APC WNSP) in the ongoing Internet Governance Forum debate on

these contentious points.

*Why are we here? Women participants at the IGF told us why they came to



GenderIt blogging team member Mavic Cabrera-Balleza is interviewing

women participants in the ongoing Internet Governance Forum in Athens to

find out their agenda in coming to the IGF. CHECK OUT the comments under

the article!

*30 October 2006: IGF Opening - Setting the (Gender Disparate?) Scene*


It's not a huge surprise but still a big disappointment: women are a

very small minority in today's opening of the first Internet Governance

Forum in Athens, Greece.

*30 October 2006: Internet Governance Forum - What is it All About?*


Quite a number of women --including those who have been following gender

and ICT discussions--are having a difficulty understanding Internet

Governance as a concept. Needless to say, we have encountered quite a

number of questions on what the Internet Governance Forum is.

Check out the GenderIT.org's Feminist Talk for more daily blog posts,

and share with us your thoughts, concerns and question..

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