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Petula | Sik Ying Ho

Professor Petula, Sik Ying Ho is at the forefront of gender and sexuality qualitative research and cross-cultural comparative studies. Her main contributions have been centered on identifying injustice and discrimination, whether hidden or evident, and being unafraid to produce research that challenges dominant discourses through new theoretical ideas and innovative research methodologies. Her recent work includes, Sex and Desire in Hong Kong (2012), co-edited with Ka Tat Tsang. She is also author of I am Ho Sik Ying, 55 years old (2013), Everyday Life in the Age of Resistance (2015), and co-author of Umbrella Politics Quartet (2015). Her research projects include using documentary films to explore the integration of arts and scholarship. They include: 22 Springs: The Invincible (2010); The “Kong-lo” Chronicles (2016); The Umbrella Movement: A Collaborative Focus Group Analysis” (2016); Doing Qualitative Research Together (2018) and Carrie Lam Bring Out Your Freedom Pussy (2019). Her recent documentary films and research based multi-media theatre call for the imagination of new modalities of social activism to include various forms of cultural interventions.


Feminist talk

Where is feminism in the Hong Kong protests? Issues in the context of the anti-extradition movement

Posted Mar 19 Nov 2019 - 16:19 | 16,378 views

What can feminists expect from the revolution of our times? In this article about the recent uprising in Hong Kong against the control of the Beijing government, we take a look at the complexities that feminists and LGBTQI+ activists have to live with, in spite of working for freedom and democracy alongside and in movements.

Image description: Water cannons on protestors in HOng Kong