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Koliwe Majama is a Zimbabwean journalist and media rights activist with over 15 years experience. She holds a diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication from the Harare Polytechnic College and acquired a BSc in Media and Society Studies at the Midlands State University. Koliwe has worked both as a print and broadcast journalist and contributed significantly to the development of community media in Zimbabwe. In her current position, as Programme Officer at the Media Institute of Southern Africa’s Zimbabwe Chapter and alumni of the African School of Internet Governance, Koliwe is prominently involved in Zimbabwe’s with internet governance processes through research, multi-stakeholder engagement, regional & global networking and thought leadership.

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Cyber violence makes internet use a gendered issue

Posted Mon 13 Aug 2018 - 07:02 | 5,474 views

Politicians, journalists and other women with public profiles face a substantial share of online harassment, bullying and violence. In this article, Koliwe Majama shows how in the context of the Zimbabwean elections, even as the internet brings the public closer to politicians, it opens up new avenues for discrediting them and their work, and reveals the patriarchal misogyny that underlies...

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[Entrevista] Una internet feminista debe anclarse en acciones concretas

Posted Mon 13 Nov 2017 - 14:04 | 4,094 views
¿Es internet la quintaesencia de la comunicación? Muchas mujeres se encuentran al borde de alguno de los puntos cruciales que constituyen un desafío para el movimiento de mujeres hoy en día. Se ven enfrentadas al patriarcado todos los días y, en algunos casos, se ven obligadas a lidiar con problemas aún más peligrosos. El movimiento de mujeres se basa en historias de mujeres y sus acciones...

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[SPECIAL EDITION] Interview with Maggie Mapondera : A feminist internet must always be grounded offline

Posted Thu 7 Sep 2017 - 09:47 | 9,393 views
In this interview with Maggie Mapondera, she unpacks movement-building and the role of ICTs. Movements are built around shared stories and passions, and ICTs are one aspect of how momentum is built and sustained around a cause. Here Maggie Mapondera shows how women's stories are powerful and can potentially change the world, but we must listen with care and integrity.

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Zimbabwean Reflections on a Feminist Internet

Posted Thu 31 Aug 2017 - 12:26 | 5,533 views

In July 2017, an eclectic and vibrant group got together in Harare, Zimbabwe, including feminists in journalism, visual art, internet rights activism, digital security, movement building, as well as sex and sexuality rights activism. These are their reflections on the feminist principles of the internet and their value in their own context.

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Tackling the gender digital divide in Africa

Posted Thu 1 Jun 2017 - 08:49 | 7,009 views
The coming of the digital age and of information technology promises that those 'left out' or excluded from development will be to access their rights and enjoy a higher standard of living. But what is the truth for African women - are the experiences of all 'marginal' women being lumped together and how far away is the promise of equal access and gender equity.