Kashushu is a 23 year old self taught contemporary visual artist, who is currently based in Kampala, Uganda. Kashushu works across various digital mediums like Adobe Illustrator, Procreate, Adobe Fresco and Adobe Photoshop. Her vibrant abstract compositions are a blend of lines, patterns, geometric and inorganic shapes that she uses to reimagine the human figure, landscapes, still life and nature. Using inspiration from art movements like pop art, her work is identified by her unique and vibrant color schemes. Her work is primarily experienced as NFTS and limited and unlimited edition prints.

Kashushu has showcased her work both nationally and internationally both as prints and as NFTs. Nationally, she has exhibited both solely and as apart of group exhibitions, like “Ebirungi” and abryanz style and fashion awards, and a solo exhibition “Okushururirwa: Revelations in Color." She has also participated in international group exhibitions like vizmesh exhibition NFT NYC , untapped metaverse exhibition for Miami art week. She has co- founded two generative NFT projects which are ‘pineapples dayout’ which is a collection of 5000 digital collectibles that was launched in July, 2021. Primarily a charity NFT project, it’s main goal is to use the proceeds to give back to the community by supporting African artists that haven’t made sales yet. She later launched another NFT project ‘Bush baby club' in December 2021, which is a collection of 7777 digital collectibles whose goal is to build a street wear and lifestyle brand. Alongside these two projects,she also has her personal collections that can be found by her collectors on NFT marketplaces like foundation.com and OpenSea.io. With her work, she hopes to inspire artists to let their voices be heard through their art.