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Débora Prado is a feminist, activist, journalist and researcher from Brazil. She has a background in media and communications as she have been working with civil society organizations, focused on women’s rights and freedom of expression promotion. She holds Masters in scientific and cultural dissemination from the Unicamp University, in which she studied community networks and feminist infrastructure. In a collaboration with Vedetas group, currently she is participating in an action-research at the same field with FIRN network. 

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Memory and invisibility: feminist research as institutional archive of our diversity

Posted Thu 29 Aug 2019 - 12:05 | 1,485 views

What is the place of memory in research? What happens when researchers hold fragile links to the past for a community? How can we pleasantly complicate our ideas around research and writing by including the role of memories - that of those being researched and our own as well.

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