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“This is a Zionist Model”: Atrocities Propaganda Is Another Weapon in Israel’s Genocide Kit Against Palestine

Posted Wed 3 Apr 2024 - 15:13 | 124 views

GenderIT, along with Noor and Take Back The Tech, organised a discussion with six Palestinian feminist activists, researchers, academics and content creators to discuss how Israel weaponises gendered disinformation and atrocities propaganda to continue its genocide in Palestine.

Voices and Views

WEBINAR - Palestinian feminist voices: Atrocities propaganda and gendered disinformation

Posted Mon 11 Mar 2024 - 12:15 | 36 views

Take Back The Tech, NOOR and GenderIT invite you to a conversation with Palestinian activists, content creators, researchers and organisers to discuss how Israel's propaganda machinery works to discredit Palestinian feminist voices and weaponises atrocities against the victims of its warcrimes.

In depth

When Protection Becomes Threat: Cybercrime Regulation As A Tool For Silencing Women And LGBTQIA+ People Around The World

Posted Mon 26 Jun 2023 - 03:58 | 229 views

Derechos Digitales maps cases involving the abusive use of cybercrime regulation to silence and criminalise women and LGBTQIA+ people worldwide. The results are troubling and warn of the inherent danger of imposing international standards without considering national contexts or building human rights safeguards, particularly for historically marginalised groups.

Feminist talk

Societal Barriers To Credible Information Makes Women Unsafe In South Asia

Posted Tue 10 Jan 2023 - 05:03 | 701 views

Lack of formal and digital literacy hinders South Asian women's access to credible healthcare related information, forcing them to live with illnesses that never get treated. Anmol Irfan discusses the impact of this barrier.

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Feminist talk

A mine-ridden internet and six rules for understanding anti-rights narratives

Posted Thu 23 Sep 2021 - 10:00 | 6,687 views

Florencia Goldsman reviews the study "Engendering Hate: The contours of state-aligned gendered disinformation online", adding pieces to the puzzle of targeted digital violence that undermines women and LGBTIQ+ people online presences.