Toolkit on Gender Indicators in Engineering, Science and Technology

The purpose of the Toolkit is to promote the collection of gender disaggregated data in scientific and technological (S&T) activities for national and international policy.
At the same time it is intended to promote a common approach and coordinated methods to ensure the systematic collection of gender-disaggregated data on science and technology. Along the way, a snapshot is provided of the participation of women in S&T in general, both in industrialised and industrialising countries.
Included are sections on:
- why data in S&T should be disaggregated for gender;
- a survey of women's contributions to science and technology for development;
- key issues concerning women's participation in engineering, science and technology;
- a survey of international guidelines and practices in collecting and analysing data in S&T; and
- a collection of case studies and models for collecting gender-disaggregated data in S&T and developing gender indicators.
Publication date: 
Sunday, June 12, 2005
Year of publication: 

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