Radio Programmes: Women Talk Peace: Radio Productions on UN Security Council Resolution 1325 (Liberia)

This is the third section in a 3-part series of prototype radio
programs about UNSCR 1325. It contains four radio productions on women,
peace and security issues in English, Kpelle and Bassa. The radio
productions describe the impact of violent conflict on Liberian women,
as well as the impact of such conflicts on other parts of the African
The prototype radio programs were produced to raise awareness about the varied aspects of SCR 1325 including the National Action Plans on SCR 1325 as well as other international conventions and legal mechanisms relevant to women in conflict situations. It is also aimed at developing a core group of broadcasters, print journalists and other media practitioners who will ensure a sustained flow of information about SCR 1325, other legal mechanisms and how they can be used to protect and promote women’s rights.
Copies of the audio tracks in mp3 format are available on the website.
Publication date: 
Saturday, December 16, 2006
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