The Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP) 2005 is a grassroots media monitoring, research and advocacy project which aims to promote the fair and balanced representation of women and men in news media worldwide. The GMMP has three phases: media monitoring and research; dissemination and promotion; and advocacy.
Phase1: Media Monitoring and Advocacy
On one day in February 2005hundreds of participants in 100 countries will monitor the participation and portrayal of women and men in the news media on television, radio and in newspapers using specially developed monitoring tools. The results of this media monitoring will be published in global, regional and national reports which will include both quantitative and qualitative analysis.
Phase 2: Dissemination and Promotion
The GMMP 2005 global report will be launched at the beginning of 2006 at an international event to be held in London, UK. Launches of the regional and national reports will take place in participating countries all over the world on the same day. The launches will be followed by a campaign to disseminate the results of GMMP 2005 and get the gender and media issues that GMMP highlights on to the public agenda through extensive media coverage.
Phase 3: Advocacy

Gender and media groups in those countries that participated in phase 1 of GMMP will use the GMMP results as a tool for advocacy work in their national environment. The shape of these advocacy campaigns will vary according to the national gender and media context but will aim to create a dialogue with the media to develop and implement guidelines and policies orientated towards more gender sensitive news media.

The GMMP has developed a set of monitoring tools - in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese - to help monitors to collect the data from their countries

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