Gender and ICT issues in Gender Mainstreaming Framework
The UNDP policy in this cross cutting area is to increase and mainstream ICT into all programme and practice areas as defined in the new CCF. As such, gender needs and gaps should be better addressed in the strategy and wherever possible specifically defined in future activities /interventions and recommendations provided.
The opportunities offered by the new technology in support to gender on information and communication has not been fully or properly used in the past, therefore, emphasis should be given to:
- Increase representation of women in high-level structures, where decisions and policies related to ICT, are elaborated.
- Making need assessment gender sensitive
- Developing training programmes considering gander gaps and needs
- Encouraging equal participation in trainings related to ICT
- Properly address women, as target group, on Public Awareness Campaign
- Develop or apply software’s that allow collecting info desegregated by sex.
- Use ICT tools for disseminating info and share best practises in the field of Gender, specifically at the local level (Web pages, networks on legal rights, business networking opportunities etc)
Gender Monitoring Indicators within the ICT will include the following:
Increase of women participating in the training programmes
Application or development of the Gender friendly software
Increase women access to ICT tools to meet their information needs on legal rights, networking
opportunities, marketing info etc., especially at the local level

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