Gender Equity, Telecommunication Development and the ITU

This paper deals with the importance of gender implications in telecommunications development, particularly in developing countries, and argues that the provision of access to telecommunications services in an equitable manner to women and men will contribute further to overall socio-economic development.
Specific recommendations made by the paper for the ITU to consider:
1)to recognize gender as a cross-cutting issue, understanding that ensuring equitable access to telecommunications for women as users and providers will strengthen the contribution of the sector to social and economic development.
2)to ensure that telecommunications meets the needs of both women and men and provides equitable access for both women and men. This includes taking into account women's special training, language and access needs. Specific, targeted initiatives to address women's constraints and gaps in access are important.
3)to encourage partnerships with women and women's NGOs at all stages of telecommunications planning, design and delivery.
Publication date: 
Monday, June 13, 2005
Year of publication: 

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