EU survey on free and open source software

The original FLOSS survey sponsored by the European Union, and follow up FLOSS-US (Stanford) and FLOSS-Japan/FLOSS-Asia (Mitsubishi Research) showed that "Learning new skills" was the most common reason provided by participants for their FLOSS activities. Another significant finding of surveys is that there are far fewer women in FLOSS development than in software development as a whole*. In this two-part survey, once again supported by the European Union, we would like to find out, first, how learning is organised and perceived within the FLOSS community - by which we mean the universe of all those who participate in FLOSS-related activities, regardless of their beliefs or degree of activity. We also want to understand better the role/situation of women within this broad community.

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* The FLOSS survey on OS/FS developers confirms the findings of the WIDI project that women do not play a role in the development of Open Source and Free Software; only 1.1% of the FLOSS sample is female.
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Friday, June 17, 2005
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