This Essentials is a practical introduction to the complex area of Information and Communications Technologies for Development (ICTD)

Although this Essentials is written with an eye to the future, it is grounded in the evaluative evidence and case-study research of the past. It seeks to provide the development practitioner with evidence-based insights, synthesized from across a wide range of ICTD initiatives undertaken by UNDP and partners, and presented as a selection of generic challenges and Lessons Learned. The analysis is divided into three parts:

• Concept reviews ICTD and its recent rise to prominence on the global development agenda;

• Lessons Learned presents six generic challenges (awareness, politics, access, relevancy, sustainability, and coordination) that can critically affect any ICTD initiative, whether it is at a global, national, regional or local level;

• Further recommendations provides some practical ideas for development actors to “lead by example” in ICTD

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