APC wants all States to commit to positive steps in response to the report. APC has issued a written statement with 30 recommendations for practical actions including repeal of laws restricting free speech, ending practices of unlawful surveillance, establishment of clear and transparent legal procedures for the blocking of illegal content and the passing of laws that protect the security and privacy of citizens’ personal information. All State delegations received a copy of this statement .
APC emphasises that women’s human rights must be respected and protected and their rights to freedom of expression and association must not be restricted, directly or indirectly, in the name of ‘security’ or other law enforcement measures except as determined in accordance with agreed human rights standards.
The Statement calls on the Human Rights Council to adopt a participatory approach in developing responses to the issues raised by the Special Rapporteur through open processes that ensure the engagement of all, particularly vulnerable and marginalised groups, in accordance with the rights based approach and principles of information sharing, participation and transparency.

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