Gender & ICT Policy Making: Current Context

Posted 1 May 2006 writers explores the current and changing of the Gender and ICT policy making environment; with articles and interviews of women advocates pioneering in this field. In this edition, Mavic Cabrera-Balleza from the International Women's Tribune Centre also shares her reflections on challenges and recommendations on the strategic use of ICTs in addressing the issue of women in peacebuilding.

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GENDER CENTRED: A thematic bulletin

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Gender & ICT Policy Making: The Current Context

I. New Articles

II. Guest Writer... Mavic Cabrera-Balleza from the International Women's Tribune Centre

*Reclaiming women’s space at the peace table : the Peacebuilding Cyberdialogue as a model of using ICTs for peacebuilding*

III. Call for Contributors

IV. RATE US! evaluation survey

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Women, Media & ICTS: Where Do We Go From Here?

This article examines the progress made on the issue of Women, Media and ICTs at the level of international advocacy, particularly in relation to the Commission on the Status of Women and the Beijing Platform for Action. Questioning the disconnection between the fields of ICTs and women's rights, it looks at strategies of gender mainstreaming, and the need to have women in decision-making positions, particularly in light of the UN reform process.

“The Burden of The Struggle” - Engendering Change in ICT Policy

Cheekay Cinco, member of APC WNSP, interviews Nancy Hafkin, woman pioneer of networking and ICTs development in Africa on her thoughts about the current gender and ICT policy environment. She reflects on the WSIS process and the recent Commission on the Status of Women, and articulates what is urgently needed to render visible the gender dimensions of ICTs at policy levels.

Gender issues at all levels – from policy formulation to implementation

Sonia Jorge is an expert in telecommunications regulation, economics and public policy and have been working as a consultant in the fields of communications policy and regulation, gender and development with experience in different countries and regions. Specialized in gender analysis and ICT policies, Sonia shares in this interview to GenderIT her vision on the critical needs for gender and ICT advocates to have more impact in their advocacy work. Sonia points out some issues on which gender and ICT activists should focus their strategies and stresses the importance of the participation of gender experts in the implementation of policies, not only in their formulation.

E-government: When the gender lens is missing...

The annual e-government conference taking place in the Czech Republic celebrated its ninth year of existence in 2006. Yet, for the first time in its history, equal opportunity for women and men was put on the agenda. The following is a report by Katerina Fialova - an advocate for women’s rights - about her experience in attending and co-organising a panel on gender and ICTs at this year’s e-government meeting in April 2006.

Linking Czech women and e-government

The APC WNSP panel “ICT and Equal Opportunities of Women and Men” took place on the April 3, 2006, the first of a two-day conference on Internet in Public Administration. Most panellists spoke about information and communication literacy as key to successful implementation of e-government objectives. At the same time, they listed ICT skills as the prime barrier that leads to a gender digital divide in the Czech Republic. In particular, the majority of the Roma women do not have sufficient ICT skills to benefit from e-government and the information society generally. The conference took place in the Czech Republic.

Visit the collection of a wide variety of other resources and articles related to gender & ICT policy making in the reference section:

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Featuring guest writer, Mavic Cabrera-Balleza from the International Women's Tribune Centre, shares her reflections on challenges and recommendations on the strategic use of ICTs in addressing the issue of women in peacebuilding.

Reclaiming women’s space at the peace table : the Peacebuilding Cyberdialogue as a model of using ICTs for peacebuilding

Women are particularly impacted by war and violent conflicts - both as survivors as well as, crucially, being at the forefront of conflict prevention, conflict resolution and peace building. Mavic Cabrera-Balleza shares the Peacebuilding Cyberdialogue, a collaborative effort between the International Women's Tribune Centre and Isis WICCE, that brings together 40 women's organisations all over the world through a "‘real time global town hall meeting’ using Internet chat with voice and video/visual contact". Such an initiative not only linked advocates who were working on this issue together, but was also important in making the connection between policies proposed at international levels with the realities of women working on the ground. The article ends with some reflections on challenges and recommendations on the effective use of ICTs in peacebuilding.

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