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GynePunk, the cyborg witches of DIY gynecology

“GynePunk wants to decolonize the female body. To this end, it is developing first aid gynecological tools, for socially disadvantaged women, refugees, sex workers. But also for themselves.” More >


Being fake, being online: young women’s self-expressions through multiple profiles on social media

“Many of the young women expressed a fear and mistrust of ‘fake’ identities and multiple profiles, and spoke of how fake profiles are indicative of an intention to engage in deceptive acts. More >

Source: Tarshi, Sujatha Subramanian

Always #LikeAGirl

When you tell someone they’re doing something like a girl, is it good thing or a bad thing? An interesting commercial from Always. More >

Source: YouTube, Always

Racial satire ‘White Squad’ is painfully hilarious but all too real

“Meet the “White Squad” a group of well-meaning white people looking to help out people of color. The squad is introduced in a new, brilliant satire by MTV Decoded that tackles racial inequality that privileges white people and disadvantages people of color in everyday situations.” More >

Source: HuffingtonPost, Aaron Barksdale

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