How can we get at least 1 000 views and 1 000 comments from's partners and readers to support most amazing the Take Back The Tech! video!before 10 December?

Each year from 25 Nov to 10 Dec, Take Back The Tech! invites all ICT users – especially women and girls – to take one action per day to end violence against women. Each daily action explores an issue of violence against women and its interconnection with communication rights, and approaches different communication platforms - online and off - in creative and tactical ways.Take Back The Tech! End violence against women.

This year, Take Back The Tech! calls for action to defend our right freedom of expression and information – the basic building blocks for us to be able to come together, organise for change, inform public debate, define culture, build safe spaces and end violence against women.

Please check out the Take Back The Tech! video! and help us to support the campaign by watching,

liking, commenting and passing the word to your networks. Tweet, FB,email, it all works.


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