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‘GTA 5 online’: LGBT and sex change added in the game?

Grand Theft Auto 5 online may be released soon with some new features. Players may be able to change the gender of their character by undertaking cosmetic surgery to change appearances or undergo gender changes for their main game characters. More >

Source: Australia Network News, Jessica Rapir

Tech experts on what 2025 will look like

A group of about 800 IT executives and scientists were recently asked what they thought technology would look like in 2025. “10% of people wearing clothes connected to the internet.” More >

Source: Quartz

Future transhumanist tech may soon change the definition of disability

Many are suffering and are mentally depressed as a result of their handicaps. “Transhumanist technology is revolutionizing the way we deal with physical disability.” More >

Source: Tech Crunch, Zoltan Istvan

What to do when your child believes gender bias

“Like almost everyone else in society, kids and teens are hit with a daily onslaught of gendered messages about what they should look like.” More >

Source: Everyday Feminism, Ellen Friedrichs

12 signs you have a feminist boss

Many workplaces suffer from a lack of women in leadership roles, but fortunately, many women at the tops of their companies are paving the way for other women. More >

Source: Bustle, Suzannah Weiss

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