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Facebook bans disabled trans woman of colour for not appearing feminine enough

“‘Kylie’ is a woman’s name and her account identifies her as female. However, in her profile picture, she appears as a black person who would commonly be read as masculine. Brooks is trans, and someone who works for Facebook has looked at her profile photo and decided she doesn’t look “Kylie” enough.” More >

Source: Christin Milloy

LGBT rights victory handed down in Kenyan court

“The High Court of Kenya ruled on Friday that the board overseeing NGOs cannot bar an LGBT rights group from formally organizing, a ruling that may create precedent to win protections for LGBT people under the East African country’s constitution.” More >

Source: BuzzFeed, J. Lester Feder

It’s all about the tech, so quit asking me about my gender

“How have you managed to cope as a female in tech?“ After 17 challenging years in the technology industry, I am usually on the receiving end of this question about 20 times a year. More >

Source: Meme Burn, Lynette Hundermark

Minecraft is finally fixing its huge gender problem

In the boundlessly creative world of one of the most popular video games, the only character the 6 year old could play was Steve, a bulky man with short, dark hair and a 5 o’clock shadow. If she wanted to discover and build as a girl, she needed to pay extra. More >

Source: The Washington Post, Drew Harwell

Things people say to women directors

““How’s your sex life? Are you having a lot of sex?”- a male financier in the middle of my pitch about a documentary on women’s rights in the Middle East.” More >

Source: Tumblr

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