JK Rowling, prom queen and homophobic warzones

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African women online: How African women are bossing the internet

“Women are doing a lot of things on the internet. In Africa women are doing lots of things and much more including smashing all things misogynistic and patriarchal right in the face. More >

Source: Hola Africa

From homophobic war zones to crowning a trans prom queen

“Salt Lake City used to have one of the most virulently homophobic school districts in the nation. This spring, it crowned its first LGBT prom king and queen.” More >

Source: The Daily Beast, Mary Emily O’Hara

J.K. Rowling says it isn’t always fun being a woman on Twitter

“Although recent abuse of high-profile female Twitter users is a sobering indication of how women are treated on the internet overall, hopefully Rowling’s outspokenness will pressure the platform into continuing to amp up its anti-harassment measures.” More >

Source: The Mary Sue, Carolyn Cox

There is now an Australian University guide For LGBTI students

This guide is the first of it’s kind to assess the inclusion of LGBTI students in universities in Australia. More >

Source: BuzzFeed, Lane Sainty

Using tech to build power

“My feminism sparked from her fierce independence. She let nothing hold her back. She taught me to be an ambitious, by-any-means-necessary type of lady — who speaks up for what’s right and makes sure people hear me.” More >

Source: Feministing, Ryane Ridenour

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