Google renamed, 800 sites banned and no girl wins

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4 of tech’s biggest names are driving the next LGBT rights battle

Believable? When the Supreme Court legalised same sex marriage in June 2015, tech companies were among the first to celebrate. More >

Source: Take Part, Jennifer Swann

Facebook defends its nude photo policy

A picture of a nude woman promoting an apparent porn video flagged on Facebook as offensive. Response: “It does not violate our standards.” More >

Source: The Times, Shenaaz Jamal

Google restructures as “Alphabet” and names new CEO for search business

Google announces corporate reorganisation and name change to the ALphabet. The Alphabet name has at least two meanings More >

Source: BuzzFeed, William Alden

India blocks more than 800 sites in web porn crackdown

“Sudden blanket ban on websites considered a ‘social nuisance’ is met with anger online and triggers debate on censorship and freedom” More >

Source: The Guardian, Jason Burke

No girl wins: three ways women unlearn their love of video games

“My little sister just wants games to be for her exactly what they are for boys and men: easy to love.” More >

Source: BoingBoing, Juliet Kahn

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