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Hidden from Google

A new website called Hidden from Google displays a list of Google search results that the company has erased/censored under the right to be forgotten. More

Source: International Business Times, Rahul R.

Nude calendar labelled pornography

A women’s university rowing club has been banned from Facebook after their nude charity calendar was branded as pornography. More

Source:, Gemma Mullin

Comic on gender roles

In this great comic from The Robinhead, an alien is confronted with our culture’s strangely stubborn investment in the concept of a gender binary. As the poor confused creature notes, “What I’m not understanding, however, is why I feel hatred and anger coming off of you at the idea of anyone living outside of your imaginary boxes.” More

Source:, Maya

Bridging the gender gap: Pay women more

The solution to solving the gender gap in Australia is apparently very simple. All that needs to happen is to pay women more. “Women are worth the same as men and deserve to be paid the same right now, end of story.” More

Source: The Guardian, Eleanor Robertson

Shampoo commercial empowering women

Pantene shampoo commercial challenges one of America’s oldest gender stereotypes. “The message is clear: Women don’t have to internalize the habit of saying sorry for everything they do.” Be strong and shine. More

Source: Identities.mic, Smriti Sinha

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