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Behind every bullied woman Is a man yelling about free speech

Sunday’s massive leak of photos of nude celebrities has caused an uproar and focus on web communities’ use of “free speech”. Reddit’s attempt to protect its freedom of expression seems almost interchangeable with its “freedom to bully”. More

Source: Jezebel, Erin Gloria Ryan

Map shows all the devices in the world connected to the internet

John Matherly’s colorful map shows the locations of all the internet-connected devices, including smartphones, in the world. The colorful map is just the beginning for his aim to repeat the process and “track the results over time”. More

Source: IFLScience, Justine Alford

Surreal photos of feminine bodies expose the many roles women play

Marjorie Salvaterra’s series, “Her” captures the wide spectrum of roles women play, depicting the women in different locations with a variety of expressions. More

Source: The Huffington Post, Katherine Brooks

Valladolid mayor’s rape comments prompt bra protest urging him to quit

Francisco Javier Leon de la Riva, mayor of Valladolid, has caused a public outcry after telling a Spanish radio station that there is a need for further scrutiny when dealing with rape allegations. He suggests the possibility that “there is a girl out to get you” when dealing with such allegations, as well as furthering his argument that women bear some of the responsibility in rape cases. Protestors held bras in protest around the city hall, demanding the mayor’s resignation. More

Source: The Guardian, Ashifa Kassam

Short-lived science line from Lego for girls

After a little girl’s letter addressing the company to produce more realistic sets for girls, such as Lego’s characters with jobs and adventures, the company has released the “Research Institute” line, with role models in science and technology. More

Source: The New York Times, Rachel Abrams

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