For the day's action, I decided to search for one of my favourite things, 'clitoral pleasure'.

Google, as noted, doesn't recognise the clitoris on its instant search function. Wonder how many female employees it has?

Bing recognises the clitoris, but doesn't recognise clitoral pleasure. A sad, but predictable state of affairs.

AltaVista recognised clitoral pleasure! Hurray! But I suspect it had something to do with bringing up previous searches, rather than any AltaVistan aptitude.

Australia's WebWombat doesn't do 'instant searches' in the same way, but it's results were disappointing. The first result that came up was about condoms. Somebody really doesn't get the concept...

Lycos also lacked the instant search function, but at least its results would be more likely to get me to the place I'd like to be than WebWombat.

I then went back to WebWombat to take a screen shot of the condom results, and, lo, in the intervening three minutes, somebody has got it on. We now have the Clit Kisser as the top search result. Yay!

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