“Where are the women and children of Tunis?”, ask delegates participating at the World Summit on Information Society (WSIS).

Travelling around Tunis in taxies and buses, I see no women and children. Wondering around the market, I see no women and children. People went out to see the night life of Tunisia, but there are no women in cafes and stores. There are more men than women on the streets of Tunisia. Are women on holiday? Is it a sign of patriarchal society?

"The principle of equality of men and women with respect to citizenship is confirmed in the article 6 of Tunisian constitution, which states that, “All citizens have the same rights and the same duties. They are equal before the law”, than articles 20 and 21 guarantee women's right to vote and to run for public office," said a publication placed by Tunisians in the delegates bags.

A Tunisian woman however explain to me that her kids are on holiday because they will have the exams next week. To keep them at home their teachers gave them a lot of homework as well.

In this regards she also pointed out that the parents of these children are at work. Does it mean that all Tunisian woman are employed? I have not really get chance to create a true portrayal of women in Tunisian. The only place were I met them was at the airport. Many of them dressed in long white clothes.

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